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my name is sarah and yes i am in my last year of high school but i am very mature for my age.. i am a very goofy dork lol.. my friends and i love it but i have had certain ppl think it's childish.. i am a sarcastic humerous person.. it's all in fun but some ppl have had tendency to take it the wrong way!.. i am somewhat of a romantic, ok just kidding i lied... i am a huge romantic! lol.. i love too write and be with my friends.. i am just myself i don't act differently around anybody and i have more than one style.. one day i will be girly and cute, then the next i will be wearing dc everything.. it depends on my mood.. i hate drama especially in my relationships!! i absolutely love animals and being with my family also..

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Age 31 years old 18 - 28 yrs old
Location Cincinnati,Ohio,United States
Relationship status Single
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Nationality United States
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Religion Catholic
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i would like to meet somebody that likes to have fun and go out! somebody that has a positive personality and someone that doesn judge everything and everybody! jealousy is a good thing to a certain point but i dnt want somebody that will take it to far! they have to have a funny personality, preferably a silly one... i mainly just want somebody who will respect me for me and not try to change me! i want somebody i can curl up with and watch movies all night and veg out.. i go on personality alot more than looks but they have to atleast be a little umm.... cute.. dnt know how else to put it.. lol
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